Test material and manual in english

Test material and manual in english

Por mosaic

13/05/15, 12:11h

Hello, Is there an English version of this website? I am studying for my B permit and I have to use the Google translator to understand the questions which in most cases they don't make sense since the translation is verbatim (translated word by word rather than the whole context). Are there manuals that I can order online or buy from the book stores?


You help will be appreciated,




Por yuliana

13/05/15, 20:07h


You have two options

To study Spanish or you are looked for internet by a translator who can translate complete paragraph as



Por yuliana

13/05/15, 20:12h

If you want to learn to drive in Spain you have to learn Spanish

Por yuliana

13/05/15, 20:14h

It is basic

Por carricoche

13/05/15, 22:20h

I know that in Benidorm there is a school that gives clases in english maybe they can sell you a book or can recommend a website.

Por mosaic

13/05/15, 22:43h

Do you have a telephone number for the them?

Por carricoche

16/05/15, 8:17h

Autoescuela eurovial it is con internet 966804004

Por gerry

07/12/16, 16:18h

hello sir

 i want do liecence A2 in  english .. i have B  licence  .  how can i do in english . and whereon this web .. plz rply


Por pinkerton

07/12/16, 18:10h

Check AUtoescuela Gala, located in Madrid and with plenty of internet videos, they say they offer english theory and classes in their web site. If you are in or close to Madrid city just check it out, and please, don´t misunderstood me since I have nothing t odo with them,

Por 123syed

30/05/18, 9:09h

Test material