Newbie host - airbnb or vrbo?

Newbie host - airbnb or vrbo?

Por jimmyr

20/03/23, 15:15h

I am about to list a family vacation home on one (or both?) sites. I would love to hear from other hosts who have experience with them. Please give me the good, bad and the ugly! For the record, we have a cleaner and general caretaker already lined up.


Por lerroy

29/03/23, 15:40h

Hey buddy, I think you should start with one of these sites to make it easier. I would prefer AirBnB, because it's more popular.

Por Moonker

29/03/23, 15:47h

Airbnb is known for its high brand recognition and global reach: more than 220 million guests have stayed on this platform. They have a user-friendly interface and offer a number of tools to help you manage your listing, including automated messaging and a calendar that syncs with other booking sites.
VRBO, on the other hand, is more focused on traditional vacation rental like beach houses and condos. They have fewer users than Airbnb, but they have loyal customers who appreciate their focus on traditional vacation rentals. VRBO charges an annual subscrion fee for listing your property, while Airbnb charges a commission on every booking.