Faceted gemstone collection

Faceted gemstone collection

Por Moonker

25/04/23, 14:49h

I love gemstones (especially faceted or polished ones) and I would like to start collecting them and learning more about them through experience. I was just wondering where I can get faceted gemstones at a reasonable price? Any help/tips are appreciated!

Por lerroy

25/04/23, 15:43h

Rule one, if it is too good to be true, it probably is. Rule 2: Most certificates from India state that the stone is different from what the certificates state.
For my collection, I got most of the expensive stones from my jeweler friend and some of the cheaper ones from eBay. And a few from GEmsvana. For example, I bought a cool color-changing fluorite there.

Por belinsa

16/06/23, 9:57h

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